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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  April 21, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> fox news now >> fox news now confirming no charges will be filed against the boston terror suspect on this sunday night. we are learning about that suspect who remains hospitalized after surgery we are told in serious condition. interrogation team standing by to talk with him. just as we get new information about the inspirational recovery underway for one of boston's finest. a transit police officer critically wounded in a shootout with a bombing suspect a short time ago a talk of a miracle for his family. he engaged the terrorist in the most difficult situations none of us can begin to image. as a result of his actions he received serious wounds to a
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major artery in his leg. we are hopeful for a full recovery. in fact earlier this morning dick opened his eyes and was able to move his hands and feet and most importantly squeezed his wife's hantd on command. >> squeezed his wife's hand on command. we are thinking of the survivors right now and authorities are unravelling the twisted plot and telling us it looks like there was a lot more to it. >> they clearly had other explosives. we feel they had plans to use those explosives possibly on soft targets. >> fox report, details from inside the crime scenes left behind. and the journey of saying good-bye to those who died begins. also vicious spring weather unleashed on the nation's midsection.
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several face warnings as water becomes the enemy. some forced to seek hi higher glound. flooding takes control as we wait for major rivers to crest. it's hard to belief this is texas. >> all of the damage i can see this seems to have taken the worst of it. >> a local cameraman bringing fox news a look inside the hit zone in the town of west home after home cooked from the fertilizer plant explosion and infer inferno. the latest on an investigation on what caused it all. >> i am harris falkner. we check in on the americans in boston tonight coming together in prayer and reflection. each person in his or her own way mourning the lives lost and 180 people hurt and last monday's terror attack on the boston marathon. a crowd gathering at the memorial at the boston marathon earlier today people leaving flowers leaving notes vor the
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victims. in churches people filling the pews trying to make sense of the several past several days our nation has been through. sean cardinal o'malley leading the service calling for reconciliation instead of revenge and raising a similar question many people across the country are asking tonight, what were the two suspected bombers thinking as they set out to kill so many people? >> it is very difficult to understand what was going on in their heads, what demons were operative what etiologies or politics or perversion of their religion. it was amazing to witness, however, how much goodness and generosity. >> as you have seen we have fox team coverage tonight adam housley with the latest on the investigation. we begin with mike tobin in watertown, massachusetts. asi from the reflection we are hearing promising news about those recovering namely the
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transit police officer richard donahue. >> exactly. there is reason to be optimistic for the recovery of that gravely wounded transit officer richard donahue. he is an individual who is fully engaged in a gun battle with the two bombing suspects. he was hit by a single bullet to the leg. it didn't hit any bone or severe any nerve but it severed three arteries including the major won the femoral artery. he lost so much blood his heart stopped took 45 minutes to get his heart beating regularly again. now that he is bouncing back his brother is expressing nothing but pride. >> as a brother a fellow officer and american i cannot describe the pride i have for dick and the other emergency officers. with complete disregard of their own safety they with stood a barrage of gun fire and explosives more like a war zone as a quiet suburban street. >> there was a wake today for
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29-year-old crystal campbell a restaurant manager standing near the finish line when the bombs went off. they will say their final good-byes tomorrow at a private ceremony. >> the good-byes in full swing as the city and the rest of the nation starts to heal. despite all of this boston's religious leaders think it's time to remind people with remain peaceful. >> there was a message from cardinal o'malley particularly one of love particularly in the culture of violence and death. he was at the cathedral for the holy cross. cardinal o'malley encouraged a sense of community and discouraged resentment toward muslims. >> we must be people of reconciliation not revenge. the crimes of the two young men must not be the justification
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for prejudice against muslims or against immigrants. >> deval patrick is asking people to recognize a moment of silence at 2.50 in the afternoon tomorrow roughly the time the bombs went off one week later. following that moment of silence bell also ring across massachusetts. >> mike tobin thank you very much. a college campus police officer is being remembered. people lining the streets of wilmington a suburb of boston with flags candles and signs honoring 26-year-old officer sean collier. he was shot by the two bombing suspects as he sat in his patrol car in cambridge last thursday night. an amazing connection to tell you about. turns out officer collier was friend with the policeman shot and wounded.
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this picture is the day they graduated together from the academy in 2010. marathon runners across the globe paying tribute to the boston bombings. (whistle blows) >> and that piercing whistle officially signaling and then ending a 30 second moment of center lines in london at the start of the race there for 36,000 runners. hundreds of extra police officers deployed along the 22.6 mile run wearing black bands on their arms showing solidarity of boston. >> it was so shocking. that goes through your mind if the same thing were to happen today. you want to run for all of these people who lost their lives. really sad what happened. today should go well. >> remembering all of the boston
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people. (indiscernible) >> one person said he would not miss being there for anything, prince harry who was at the finish line handing out medals. organizers of the london marathon donating $3 for a victim's fund for boston. >> in germany it was the 28th hamburg marathon they were wearing yellow wrist bands in boston's honor. the west bank holding the first international marathon today. one runner wearing a t-shirt honoring the youngest victim of the boston bombing 8-year-old martin chard. >> martin will be with me through out this race. this is martin over here. no more hurting people. >> the west bank race looped
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four times around that. >> we are getting brand new video of the final moments of 19-year-old who was on the run. this thermal imagining showing him lining in a boat in a man's backyard. that's where they cornered him. you can see the explosions. those are the grenades they fired to stun the suspect before grabbing him. tsarnaev is in the hospital. he was shot in the throat. he can't talk at this point. a team is standing by to question him. ed davis says the suspect had apparently planned to hit more soft targets. >> it is possible, but we have already searched any of the locations that we know are directly connected with the two brothers. they clearly had other explosives. they detonated those explosives at the scene of the rays and shootout in watertown. we feel that they had plans to use those explosives possibly on soft targets.
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>> friday was a crazy day. adam housley is live outside at bet beth israel. he is there and in serious condition. what's the latest? >> he is at the hospital. they put out a statement that mimics what we heard from fbi the attorney's office. the suspect is in serious but stable condition. he is sedated. we have been told he is unable to talk at this point. as for his injuries we are told there are a number of injuries superficial injuries but two gun shot wounds. one is to the head or neck area. it hasn't been specified to us. the other one to his leg. we know he had one of those gun shots for nearly 24 hours the shootout and he bled a lot. that brought one of the major issues was the fact that he lost a lot of blood over the course of that time. >> i want to go back to the
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victims now. i feel like the suspect soaks up a lot of time with the chase. but so many people want to focus in on how man people are doing. they are praying for them. some of them were taken to the hospital where you are now. >> they were taken to a number of hospitals because there were so many injured. as the suspect was brought here at the same hospital where they were working to save his life they continue to keep him alive on sunday they came here for injuries of the blast he caused on monday. we are being told the hospital keeps names and details prtinua. that's the way it goes with patient client situations. but they do tell us that people are getting better. that's a great thing to see here as people continue to recover. some serious injuries. more minor ones than other ones. thado s what they are here to d. >> adam housley. thank you very much. right now word from a dad
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about his son accused in that attack. the father of the loan survivor suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev, we heard him defending his son and threatening hell if he is not okay. rain ieatndated houses filling houses. the forecast and the people escaping their home. also... >> look at this video at the top middle part of your screen. that is a stampede starting to happen. this is people running away from explosives maybe gun fire. the annual celebration for marijuana in denver, colorado breaking out into this. first responders dealing with this. more of the videos in detail.
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>> harris: fox news confirming no charges will charges will be filed in the suspect of the boston marathon r bombing. there are numerous questions about how that 19-year-old suspect is going to be tried ant whether he should be treated as anin enemy combatant. froml patrick describing videotape from the day of the attacks that he has not scene t but that law enforcement have . briefed him on. >> it does seem to be pretty clear that this suspect took the backpack off, put it down, did not react when the first explosion went off and then moved away from the backpack in time for the second explosion.
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pretty clear about his nvolve. involvement and pretty chilling, frankly. >> national security correspondent jennifer griffin is ltinue for us with the n$meng washington. who was designated as enemy combatant. lindsay graham and pete king to name a fee of >> are there other disparities t out there? are there other explosives out there. where do they get the radicalization. who did the brother meet with when he was in russia and chechnya. these are only questions that can be obtained if he dorcs noth get his miranda rights. even though right now there's a public safety excmondtion thado going t in 48 hours and then he can >> that is what happened to the marathon bomber. he was a foreign citizen. he was read his miranda rights.
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muitics say the intelligence enm committee as to how the plot develops. bom he is now in super max. i r > officers and federal ey wthorities take him alive tis unlike his brother who perished in the fight they were trying hard becey wse they wanted to ay the questions as they go forward to speaght r > he is an american citie inn. he can't be sent to guantanamo a bay he can't be tried in a co military cowas rission. cases there are cases where americans were deemed enemy combatants. pl hosea padilla for one but in the case of him they have not found any link to an al qaeda linked group and therefore no court in the u.s. would necessarily rily uphold the president as r in commander-in-chief in designating him as enetinue ould
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combatant. this would be shaky i am told by experts.lleged even if he is deemed an enetinu he watant he has a right to an attornaney he doesn't have to tt if he dorcsnk means are limited means interrogators have at their disposal to make him do so. >> the 4cmhour thing is not a fixed time period. per even in military commissions which have not secured any coualictions against any one y since 9-11 there is a right to t council and there are procedures, toescrocedure all of which keep getting keep tested. enemy combatants having nothing to do with military commissions. >> the question the justice department refuses to answer is whether the clock started ticking in terms of the 48-hour rule once he was taken into custody on friday night. harris? >> harris: interesting, because that would be, as we heard, expiring at this point. jennifer griffin, thank you very much. a bipartisan group of senators unveiled their immraon plan the same week last week as the twin bombings as you know, and
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attacks allegedly carried out by the two brothers, the tsarnaev brothers, who came from overseas to make a life here on u.s. soil. could concerns about security affect the latest efforts to repair a system that so many op say needs to b reformed? we'll take a look. also it just may be the mos famous boat in our country right now, used by one of the boston bombing suspects to make his last stand, as you know. here's the thermal imaging, but that boat was destroyed during the standoff. now the owner of that vessel getting an incredible show of support, including fancial support from across the country, and parts of the town lerally @wiped often the map. west, texas, a fertilizer plant explosion. we'll have the latt on the investigation. ♪ [ acoustic guitar: upbeat ]
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>> harris: new reaction from the father of the two boston bombing of the two boston bombing suspects speaking from his home in rusalia.iated he told the asaloc reted presalw a telephone interview he never t would have let his son stay in the united states if he had any suspicions about him.ver >> if i ever had any suspicions i wouldn't have left them therei i told him we will be here for , some time and we will go back. s3 .ba s >> harris: in that same interview we're told the father said the plan was for his younger son to become a doctor. the terror attack in boston shedding new light on the ongoing debate over immigration reform in this country. both bombing suspects immigrated legally to the united states as children. some critics say a bipartisan plan by the so-called gang of eight senators on the hill would only make the u.s. more vulnerable while others believe the bill's use of background checks would make us all safer. indiana republican senator dan coates talking about it on this
7:25 pm
sunday saying the immigration system is in fact broken, but wants to pause progress she wants to pause progress on any new weight in the boston bombing. >> push it back a moment or two. let the emotions settle down and make good judgments not based on the urgency of the moment. congress has a way of rushing to judgments without thinking it through carefully. >> steve centanni is live. what reaction is senator coats getting from the colleagues on the hill? >> the senator grassly voiced similar concerns on friday there's almost universal opposition by putting immigration on the back burner. one officer of the bill says it is a matter of partisan politics. >> there is some some on the hard right some otherwise who oppose our immigration bill from the get go. they are using this as an excuse. we are not going to get thlet t that.
7:26 pm
if we have a suggestion based on what happened in boston we are certainly open to it. we are not going to let them use what happened in boston as an excuse because our law tough ens things up. >> there's another hearing on immigration tomorrow on capitol hill. >> before i let you go the senator just said, chuck schumer said this would tough enthings up. what does he mean? >> it imposes background checks on immigrants who are here illegally. 40 percent of undocumented immigrants had visas and stayed too long. this would impose a check on departing on who is left who is still here and who shouldn't be. >> now is the time to bring all of the 11 million out of the shadows and find out who they are. most of them are here to work but we may find some terrorists in our midst who have been hiding in the shadows. when it comes to the entry exit visa system. the 19 hijackers were all students who over stayed their visas.
7:27 pm
the system didn't capture that. >> they should act more quickly on immigration not slow down. >> steve centanni, thank you very much. >> a threat that is coming very quickly. people in several states are watching water ridse and fearin it with their lives. how it could be much work in the days ahead. developing news on the fox report as well. we can confirm the boston terror suspect will not face any charges tonight. he is in the hospital. we are told he is not speaking at this point. an interrogation team is standing by. that is what we are learning. we will go to boston for the latest.
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7:32 pm
active after their pictures were disclosed publicly. tragically officer collier from the mit police was murdered by these individuals as they started the rampage. >> that is what i am getting at. >> i just want to say officer collier, i believe that he was attacked and his murder led to our apprehension of these individuals. tragically he paid with his life. they were out to kill other people. they forced their hand by putting the pictures out there. that's what started the rampage. officer collier is a hero. >> there he is officer collier as he told you earlier worked for the mit campus police department 26 years old allegedly gunned down by the bombing suspect as he sat in his cruiser while responding at a robbery. kreg boss well outside fenway
7:33 pm
park and boston's mayor no doubt wants to get his city back to normal. he says he had a way to do it. what is it? >> good evening. there's a number of things he wants to do as quickly as possible. one is getting boil ton street open again. there is a 6 block area in a is shut down that is still a crime scene. they talked about a 5 part plan in order to get that portion to get all of it reopened. they have to do bio hazard testing and environmental testing. they have to go through and do some structural testing make sure all of the structures are safe there. they will have to remove debris there. remember there's still blast debris and people who left all of their items there. they have to flush the hydrants through. step 4 will be re-entry among the businesses to get their businesses reopened and of course will be the reopening to everyone there along boilton street and each end of boyleton street on each block there is memorials on each side of those. they will have to remove the
7:34 pm
memorials and make memorials for those eventually. >> i am sure you are outside fenway park right now. security obviously tight through out the boston area and the suburbs. what's it like in the iconic area where you are? >> right, of course security is tight going in. there's no feeling of animosity when you are going in and everything is being searched. people are going along they will pat the police officers on the back. this is all one big happy family out here going to a baseball game trying to stay safe at the same time. watching baseball and getting this all back up double header today it is a lot like therapy for everyone. they are happy to see the police presence not just here but all across the city. >> a lot of talk about how the sports are helping to deal. for now thank you very much craig boswell. good to see you. many counties already declared disaster areas as i
7:35 pm
bring you this news right now that communities across america's heartland had severe flooding after a week of extreme rainfall. look at the red, the yellow there on the center of your screen. six states bracing for the worst. they have two things going on rainfall and some areas got snow melt still happening this spring. they have major flooding on mississippi and others that lasts well over a week like in clarksville prisoners from 100 miles away helping sandbag levees as they watch the river crest illinois it seems like there's water coming from every where. >> it comes fast and they are in the basement we grab as much as we could. there is water coming out of the walls out of the basement
7:36 pm
dwoins. >> this is defer stating. fish in the basement. >> fish in the basement. janet? >> we saw the six states where we have riverers over the banks. this is the amount of rain they received thursday into friday. 24, 36 hour period in some cases over 7 inches of rain in such a short feperiod of time. with the snow melt we will be dealing with the flooding issue through out the springtime. more rain over chicago they got over 5 inches of rain as we head into tuesday as the next storm system moves through. we will be watching that carefully. flood warnings in effect for almost a dozen states. for those areas that received a record amount of rain in a 24, 36 hour span that's where we are seeing the record flooding state of emergency ant more rain on the way. let's show you the radar. we have one system providing
7:37 pm
more rain in parts of the ohio river valley. another one on the heels this is more significant. because it will bring more rain and it will bring more snow. not just a couple inches we are talking 6-12 inches across a wide area. take a look at the future radar as we go further out. you have the moisture the rain side of the storm. look at the snow. look at denver, you could get 6-12 more inches of snow on the ground and then of course some of those areas that are dealing with flooding just an exacerbated situation from kansas city through chicago. but again harris the other side of the story is the incredible amount of snow that is going to come yet again early this workweek. people are just done with winter. back to you. >> janice dean keeping an eye on it for us. police in colorado identifying the victims killed in an avalanche that happened yesterday. four snowboarders all in their 30s when the snow's ground gave
7:38 pm
underneath them. a 6th snowboarder called for help after digging out of that slide. all of the victims were avalanche deacons. they were warning skiers and hieshgs of dangerous situations. again it is melting season. the feds making a ter terror arrest in another city. a man was trying to join an al qaeda group how authorities managed to stop him. a deadly explosion days ago. parts of a tight knit texas town unrecognizable. what will we are learning about the condition of the fertilizer plant before the explosion. it was supposed to be a peaceful festival celebrating pot. getting high in the mile high city. something else happened. chaos erupts. thousands of people running for
7:39 pm
their lives.
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that moment you enjoy it at home. stouffer's. made with care, for you or your family. >> in texas following that explosion that massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in georgia. 14 people died. this is an apartment building. two people died here. they don't know where the fire originated which sparked the explosion. there were no chemical leaks or airborne hazards in the area. some people forced to evacuate are being allowed to return to their homes now. although there's not a lot left as you can see. >> i am glad my house wasn't destroyed. i feel sorry for people who lost everything. >> there were a lot of those. meanwhile a church in rural texas held worship in a hey field. it's a building that was barricaded during the area where the damage and the rubble was
7:43 pm
most pronounced. they had to be outside of that perimeter. the pastor delivering the sermon from the flatbed of an 18 wheeler. west coast bureau right now, the man was mentioning who had a home to go back to, what are the conditions of those and what about that apartment building that we saw? >> i will come to that in just a second. a fair number of them. we got a map just where the frirsz dents were able to get back to. it is a block to the southwest of the blast site itself. roundabout the 1500 mark you can see there the 1500 feet mark you can see roundabout there. it is five square blocks. they lost a lot of its strength by the time they reached that. they got back inside basically a lot of broken glass. a tv didn't survive.
7:44 pm
a lot of tall furniture as a result. not able to get the most valuable possessions which is what they were worried about. also clothes because they won't be able to get any new clothes and change in the past four-days. greg abbott was talking about these homes and it is going to have an impact. take a listen. >> this is a small town and community. maybe about 10 percent of all of the homes in the entire community were impacted by this blast site. this has large repercussions of this entire community as well as a lot of jobs lost because of this explosion. >> jobs lost in a community of 15,000. from the beginning it seemed like the officers felt it was just an accident. now they have no idea how that fire would have started when
7:45 pm
they sparked that whole thing. >> the blast was cleared by the pores of t force of the explosion. the media crew at long last that's why we have the pictures we do today. you can see a train car that is carrying ammonia nitrate. they pulled across a 36 square block blast zone. they haven't discovered where the fire started earlier. they haven't discovered what crew would stop it authorities saying it might have a few words on it for the next 3 to 4 days. it is a difficult job. >> just a reminder of how tough last week was for this country. >> thank you very much. a terror arrest in chicago. it happened at chicago's o'hare
7:46 pm
international airport. an american citizen tried to board a flight in turkey. the suspect was planning to join syrian extremists who are affiliated with al qaeda. he posed as a recruiter for the group and posed e-mails with this 18-year-old. he is charged with trying to give support to a foreign terrorist organization. >> panic and sheer fright as shots range out at a marijuana festival in denver. >> it was a party that turned chaotic in a matter of seconds. 80,000 people estimated there. people running for their lives. two people were shot several more hurt as they began trampling over one another trying to get to safety. this year's festival was the
7:47 pm
first since colorado realized marijuana and was expected to draw again some 80,000 people. so far no arrests in the case. security was tight in the wake of the boston bombing. they are actively looking for one or two suspects. >> the role of the sports world and what it is playing as the nation tries to heal from what happened in boston. peter is up with us next. >> one man getting a lot of credit for letting police know the bombing suspect was hiding in the back of the boat a vessel destroyed in the standoff that brought the massive manhunt to an end on friday. they helped the boat owner replace it. on your prepaid card?
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>> this just in, a rather odd development in the boston bombing investigation. the bomb of the surviving suspect is saying things about the fbi. in the past few minutes we have learned the fbi is disputing a claim by that mother. follow along. it's a will wind de. the mom says at some poivenlt last week before he died her elder son told her by telephone the fbi called him to inform him they considered him a suspect and he should come in for questioning. an fbi spokesperson says the interview with tamerlan tsarnaev was the only fbi contact ever with him. you recall the fbi had them on their radar for some time after another country approached him with concern. the agency cleared them after their investigation. this mom says her son knew he was a suspect. the fbi says that's not true. we will continue to follow this for you. the family members of these two
7:52 pm
brothers have been very vocal since the bombing. we are getting pictures of the boat where the suspect was hiding. watertown massachusetts that boat is where did you reside elled with bullets after authorities found out who was inside it. the owner the same person who reported america's most wanted suspect is getting support from across the country on-line support and donations for david heninbery. many people saying he deserved a new boat gosh darn it. he went out for a cigarette and noticed blood on the tarp over his pleasure cruiser. he went right inside and called police. what unfolded from there of course is what has captivated millions of them ever since friday afternoon. boston strong that is the motto for the city and really the entire country who 2k3wr50griev
7:53 pm
the loss of the people in the boston marathon bombing. at one game one of the red sox first responders were honored for their heroic response. it is a high five in the 5th. people turning and offering them knive for fox and friends. we always talk about the healing power in sports. it was never on display more in boston. they had home games yesterday. the red sox had a rousing national anthem. they won the game in great fashion. barry manilow sang "sweet caroline." he said to high five the person
7:54 pm
next to him. they gave this hug an incredible moment. the boston brew answer game played across town. usually they have to skate with their helmets on it's a legal rule. instead they all wore caps of all of the different fire departments police departments first responders what did they do? they through the caps into the crowd. throwing them into the fans. the other tradition is the national anthem. they are having the fans sing these national anthems which is an amazing thing to watch. silence on tin the crowd fans singing it. the sports whether it's a distraction or something you can turn to it is truly beautiful in boston. we are seeing the power of something like sports maybe fwooes a diversion maybe it's not. it's community. >> you and i high fived on camera onset. i challenged you let's tweet high five hash tag together.
7:55 pm
i showed viewers as we did the boston marathon supports. >> at the london marathon they were wearing black arm bands. there was a 30 second moment of silence to honor the victims. in germany there was a display as well. >> there was a rally around the world for this. >> quickly before i let you go pat summerall the voice of the nfl passed away. they had a thousand people show up at a memorial service this weekend. john madden. if there was ever a book written about good guys, it wouhe woulde star of that book.
7:56 pm
rest in peace. i love you. >> madden and summerall were partners for 20-years on cbs and fox. people say what are you going to remember about pat summerall? he was the voice of football. no matter where you heard that voice it put new a happy place whether it was grandmother's basement that was pat summerall he will be remembered as the voice of nfl football. >> thank you. we will be right back. nk you. we'll be right back. ♪
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>> harris: looking ahead to th >> fast forward looking at some of the stories this week. massachusetts will have a moment of center lines at 2:50 p.m. eastern the exact moments the bombs went off at the finish line of the boston marathon one week ago. that will be followed by bells ringing through out the commonwealth.